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Month: October 2018

Why USBs should spook your business this Halloween…

In light of the recent security breaches at Heathrow Airport involving misplaced USB drives, we’re continuing our theme of highlighting the chilling perils of USBs for business data. Malware delivered
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Poll: Company USB use

Do you know if your users are using USB sticks to share files and company information? Let us know your company experience with them and see what your counterparts are
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USB sticks

Are your users using USBs to share company information?

The USB stick is one of those seemingly harmless plug-in accessories that we’ve all used for sharing files and for those last-minute meeting room nightmares when your colleague that was
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Could your company survive a six-figure fine for data breach?

Heathrow Airport received a £120,000 fine this week for allowing a data breach by way of an un-encrypted USB stick being misplaced and falling into the hands of a national
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How Oxfordshire County Council increases security & saves on IT costs

Oxfordshire County Council increases security and cost savings with Microsoft Windows 10 and Enterprise Cloud Suite. With a need to make sure their IT services could deliver the best service possible
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Cut through business complexity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Find out how your organisation can benefit with this short video – you’ll see how a small business owner uses Dynamics 365 Business Edition to take control of multiple business processes within
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