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Month: August 2020

6 ways to improve IT asset tracking

As your IT infrastructure adds more IT assets, it is hard to manually add new ones and update any changes in the old ones. Be it the software installed/upgraded or
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Webinar: Embrace cloud security to prevent threats and protect your business | 17 September, 14:00 BST

We’ve all seen the news about cyber attacks costing businesses of all sizes millions of £, not to mention the reputational damage that comes with losing customers’ data. Choosing the
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Small business technology solutions for startups

Starting a business is not easy, especially in the current climate. But we know that there are still entrepreneurs creating and innovating, and rolling their sleeves up even despite the
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The workplace of the future is here now. Are you onboard?

Okay, so we might not be living in sci-fi movies just yet, but offices around the world are undoubtedly undergoing a revolution. Workplaces are transforming into collaboration spaces where no
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Every IT technician’s go-to remote access solution

COVID-19 is transforming the way organisations all over the world work in the wake of a viral outbreak. Remote work is on the rise, and the traditional work environment may
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