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Front & Rear Projection

250x250_fitbox-cp_a100_mounted_electronicboardWe live in a world dominated by LCD and Plasma screens. However, there is still room for projection.

Not only because projection technology can give some of the crispest, clearest images, but because the sky’s the limit when it comes to image size.

Screens for projection can be made to practically any size or shape, allowing for a variety of unusual displays. They can be coated to provide better definition for moving images, contrasts for still images, even for use in bright sunlight. Glass can be coated to become opaque at the flick of a switch allowing for a glass wall/window to become your projection backdrop. – great for “Blue Sky” rooms or window displays.

Projection screens, whether rear or front, are generally less weight than a plasma or LCD and are mere millimetres in thickness which allows for displays to be put where health and safety considerations may disallow the use of LCD type screens (above a receptionists head for instance)

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