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Today’s businesses are in the most part totally reliant on their internal computer networks.

The networks that are being designed today will have to be secure and flexible. The current environment also demands that green issues are also taken into consideration.

So whether its concern for you system from attack or the reduction of your carbon footprint each of the elements of your network requires full understanding of implications.

Complete IT Systems can help you decide what’s best for your business and the environment please call 01274 396 213 or email


250x250_fitbox-hp_switchNetworking solutions :

  • Providing reliable and secure network connectivity for servers, clients and other network devices
  • Flexible and convenient installation
  • Network management with HP ProCurve Manager (provided for free with every manageable device) or through intuitive web GUI
  • Control, manage and reduce maintenance costs through industry leading warranty, service & support as well as lower energy consumption.
  • Increase efficiency through enhanced bandwidth and resource utilization


A complete line of products providing superior reliability, proven performance and comprehensive features that help reduce complexity and maximize return on IT.


HP Networking routers provide a robust array of wide area connectivity options, easy to use VPN capabilities and comprehensive security features in a flexible, modular form factor for small and medium sized enterprises.


HP Networking offers intelligent 802.11n wireless networking solutions that provide access, management and security for business of all sizes with the flexibility to easily tailor your network to meet changing business needs. Network Management

Network management solutions

Provide basic-to-advanced device-handling capabilities such as mapping, configuration and monitoring across LAN and Wireless LAN networks in order to improve productivity and simplify management.



250x250_fitbox-cisco_switchBorderless Networks Solutions

Accelerate your business growth, control energy costs, scale video optimized by application performance, and deliver wired and wireless access pervasively and securely.

Application Velocity
helps IT professionals meet or exceed business service level agreements, maximize user experience, optimize resource utilization, and increase reliability and user expectations through Visibility and Control:

  • Large-scale network-integrated application classification and control, performance monitoring, analytics, and management
  • Acceleration and Optimization: Industry- leading WAN optimization and advanced application acceleration solutions, along with efficient content distribution
  • Network and Application Agility: Support for cloud-based services and virtualized experience infrastructure through enhanced application survivability and network and end-point reliability

Innovative Companywide Energy Management

Extend energy management capabilities throughout your corporation with the Cisco EnergyWise portfolio. Winner of the Best of InterOp 2009 Green Award, Cisco EnergyWise is a key component of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture.

The latest addition to the EnergyWise portfolio is Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator, a dedicated turnkey power management solution for IT assets. Using its client/server architecture, you can:

  • Administer the energy requirements of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices
  • Extend enterprise power management to desktop and laptop PCs

Cisco EnergyWise integration with its ecosystem partner solutions extends control to building management systems. With Cisco EnergyWise, EnergyWise Orchestrator, and the new EnergyWise partnerships, you can reduce network and facilities energy usage and costs.

Cisco Motion
Deliver borderless mobility, boost flexibility and productivity, and extend your enterprise by delivering highly secure, full-featured, and manageable network services everywhere.

Cisco TrustSec

Build a Secure Borderless Network and gain the visibility and control you need to know who uses your network and what they do on it.

Cisco AnyConnect
Add 802.1X, identity-based networking, and transparent VPN services for always-on connectivity from a wide range of endpoints.


250x250_fitbox-netgear_pointNETGEAR’s range of secure wired and wireless business networking products are designed for businesses with up to 250 employees.

Products include: VPN firewall routers for secure access to the Internet and corporate resources, managed and unmanaged switches and a range of network cards to connect any laptop or desktop PC to the LAN and Internet

Wireless Office

NETGEAR’s wireless network products extend the range of cabled environments to an entire office or site, enabling easy networking access for mobile users or hard to wire locations. Highest levels of encryption ensure maximum privacy & security.


NETGEAR’s switches range from unmanaged switches for network segmentation to fully managed Layer 3 switches that operate as your LAN’s backbone.

  • unmanaged switches
  • unmanaged rack mountable switches
  • fully managed layer 2 managed switches
  • fully managed layer 3 managed switches
  • smart managed switches (entry-level network mgmt)
  • power over ethernet switches
  • fibre modules
  • network management software


250x250_fitbox-dlink_routerD-Link provides wireless equipment that blends in any organisation’s network infrastructure.

D-Link’s wireless solutions for business enable mobility, security and application availability with high-efficiency and low operating costs.
D-Link uses Wi-Fi technology standardised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), to ensure absolute interoperability and total cost-effectiveness.

Specialise in offering:

  • Access Points (AP): ideal for creating wireless local networks (WLAN) in offices, factories and all manner of premises. The  outdoor versions enable complete coverage of campus and public spaces. Our long-range antennae connect buildings at a fraction of the cost incurred by laying down dedicated fibre.
  • Unified switching: this technology is particularly useful when deploying Voice over Wi-Fi installations, delivering seamless connectivity.

In these environments, “thin” Access Points entirely rely on a traditional layer 2+ switch enhanced with the capabilities of a Wireless Appliance.


  • One-time configuration: all settings are only configured once and then applied to the managed APs.
  • Load balancing, to keep speed and performance in the wireless network.
  • Rogue AP management, delivering better control over the wireless environment.
  • Automatic Power/Channel Adjustment, to minimise interference.

D-Link’s range of product solutions are listed:

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Switching
  • Security & Firewalls
  • Network Management
  • Service Packs
  • IP Telephony
  • IP Surveillance
  • Storage
  • Routers and Modems
  • Print Servers
  • Network adapters
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