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Plasma, LCD and LED Screens

250x250_fitbox-4187574_thumbnailMore than just TV’s…

Complete IT do a full range of commercial display units. Plasma, LCD and LED panels from a range of manufacturers which are designed to be used in commercial environments – make sure you are using the correct kind of display for your solution. From small 7” screens to 103” plasma single displays to video walls and multi-screen solutions.  Indoors or outdoors, we have a solution to fit your budget.

Commercial displays differ from consumer TV’s in that they are generally made from more robust components

This includes toughened glass, long life parts and most importantly tend to come with commercial warranties which ensure that if something goes wrong with your unit, something can be done about it. Most consumer screens have warranties which become invalid when used in a commercial environment – so should anything go wrong with that cheap telly you insisted on buying to cut costs, well, you are stuck.

However, all is not bleak, certain manufacturers (such as LG) do have consumer style screens with commercial warranties and our consultants are on hand to guide you should price be the main concern when you are planning your solution.


Samsung Video Walls – Bringing BIG SCREEN impact to a wide range of corporate, educational and leisure venues

With their super slim bezels, Samsung’s new UX(n) ID series panels dramatically enhance and simplify the realisation of large format, high impact, video walls. Available in 40″ and 46″ panels, their modular design enables display configurations to be optimised to suit both screen content and the installation environment.

In addition, the system’s simple interlocking rear fixings enable multiple, fully-integrated displays to be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to install a standard video wall.

MagicInfo content management software is included with the network versions of these units. Supporting the easy scheduling of content and the remote delivery of large scale MPEG or image files, MagicInfo enables screens to be configured as independent units or as tiled elements within the video wall. The unique MID base units provide a stable and secure base for free standing screens.

Think thin

To complement the UX/N-2 screen range, Samsung has also enhanced its video wall solution with the UT/N Series of Ultra Thin 46″ LCD displays. Facilitating virtually seamless video walls, the elegant UT Series features bezels of just 2.4mm wide at the screen’s bottom edge and right hand side, and 4.3mm on the top edge and left hand side.

This gives a total gap of just 7.3mm screen-to-screen. For creating seamless video walls a networkable display option (SM460UTN) which uses MagicInfo Pro D.S. Software is also available.

The Samsung MID46-2 Kit is simple to install – and for easy maintenance, the backs of the UT Series display can be removed for servicing without having to disassemble your video wall. Improved air ventilation supports 24/7 operation, and for greater visual impact and flexibility, video walls can be angled up to 40°.


For more information on how Complete IT Systems can help you select the right solution for your business please call 01274 396 213 or email 

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