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Software & Licensing

Software & Licensing

Supplying a wide range of products from most of the major software manufacturers.

Complete IT Systems supplies a wide range of software products from most of the major software manufacturers.

Companies such as:

Plus many more…

With so many software products to choose from, our Sales Team can help you select the right products to meet your business needs.

Microsoft 365

In 2009, the Nokia N900 was the UK’s most popular mobile phone, Rage Against the Machine had the Christmas Number One and Fabio Capello was the England manager. How times have changed. But still, many small to medium sized businesses in the UK are still using Microsoft technology of 2009 in the forms of Windows 7 and Office 2010.

With the Microsoft extended support for these systems ended on the 14th of January 2020, leaving their IT systems insecure, businesses are being encouraged to upgrade from their legacy Microsoft systems to contemporary products. By migrating to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 with Complete IT Systems, not only can your business remain safe, but also experience exponential leaps in terms of the efficiency, productivity and mobility.

By migrating your business to Windows 10, you will introduce a new level of productive working to your employees, with touch screen technology and an intuitive user interface allowing users to navigate your whole IT infrastructure quickly to find your business documents and applications. Windows 10 also features heightened security tools, keeping your business information safe as part of a Windows system that is unrecognisable from 7.

Complete IT Systems can further transform your businesses operations by implementing the latest Microsoft suite; Microsoft 365. Showing greater flexibility than its predecessor Office 2010/2013, Microsoft 365 includes the standard Microsoft programmes such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel that you know, as well as the communication tool Teams allowing for instant messaging and video conferencing to change the way your business communicates. As a cloud hosted application, Microsoft 365 is fully accessible via mobile devices from remote locations, allowing your employees to continue delivering from home and on the road, making your workforce truly mobile.

To help your business decide what the operating system and software suite is for you, Complete IT Systems are offering free of charge IT health checks, where we will evaluate your full IT infrastructure. Complete IT Systems will highlight the areas within your business that Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 could deliver benefit to your business operations.

With the plethora of improvement that Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 can bring to your business, leaving 2009 behind will change the way you work.

To book your IT Health Check or just to talk through your upgrade questions, please contact Sales on 01274 396 213

Licensing & Compliance

If you are in charge of keeping track of your organisation’s technology, you know that software compliance presents you with a unique set of problems.

Unlike hardware, software is hard to pin down. Software licenses tend to be written for a legal audience, and even to lawyers, they may not be particularly clear.

However, understanding software licensing is crucial to managing technology within your organisation.

For help contact your dedicated Complete IT Systems Account Manager or call 01274 396 213 or email .

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