Helping empower tech to go green!

Complete IT Systems support our customers and suppliers by committing to sustainability targets by changing the ways we work.

As part of this commitment, we are proud to be a signatory of Techies Go Green. Founded in March 2021, it has the aim of bringing together people and companies from across the IT and Tech industry committed to decarbonising their businesses and making them green and verifiably sustainable.

Techies Go Green

We aim to:

  • Encourage and train our staff to work sustainably and efficiently
  • Minimise the use of energy where possible in our offices
  • Digitise our core processes to reduce and eliminate the need for printing
  • Discourage single use plastics in our offices in addition to recycling responsibly, packing and equipment. Anything we send out of our office is in reused packaging where possible. We have recycle bins at the office locations where we separate waste to each bin
  • Utilise virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom where possible instead of onsite meetings
  • Encourage our staff to take public transport where possible
  • Using modern, energy efficient IT equipment in our own offices and encouraging our customers to do the same

You can also read more in our Green Pledge.