Blocky for Veeam is specially designed to protect Veeam backups. It works by denying unauthorised data access to application processes. This protects against breaches of other security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus scanners.

Backups should be your organisation’s insurance policy against ransomware attacks. This provides the ability to restore your production environment to a stable state at an appropriate point in time. It comes as no surprise that sophisticated malware attacks are now heading straight for backups. This compromises everything there before heading for live systems.

The solution comes with simple and intuitive configuration as well as minimal administrative overhead. As recent cyber attacks are targeting Backup Data in the first place, increasing resilience against Ransomware is crucial.

7 ways Blocky for Veeam protects your backups

  1. Simple installation: Blocky is easy to install with a filter driver tightly coupled to the Windows OS, but only requiring minimal system resources
  2. 85% of Ransomware attacks target Windows systems: Blocky turns the Windows NTFS/ReFS volumes(s) of the Veeam Repository Server into a protected device.
  3. Protect Veeam backups even if compromised: Blocky will continue to protect against Malware even if a virus has entered the program and damaged the Blocky software.
  4. Rapid attack recovery: Unlike solutions based on offsite storage media or cloud-based strategies, Blocky protects your local archives for the fastest possible recovery time.
  5. Cost effective insurance: Blocky for Veeam is priced based on the total backup disk volume capacity and insignificant compared to the costs of a successful Ransomware attack.
  6. Instant alerts: Blocky will send alerts of ANY unauthorised application or processes that try to access a protected backup volume. This can be very useful in the early detection of a malware or ransomware attack. Even the hardened Linux solution under Veeam V11 does not provide this.
  7. Quicker recovery times: Local backups offer the fastest possible recovery time and will typically incur far lower costs than offline backups such as tape or cloud-based object storage.

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