Although remote work offers flexibility and productivity advantages, it can also pose significant security challenges to IT teams. These concerns cover the technology and applications themselves and users’ security awareness – not to mention cyber attacks themselves.

Worse still, sophisticated attackers often need to breach only one device to access an entire organisation’s network. This can be achieved through a phishing attack, or via a vulnerability in an unpatched network. In this event, cyber attacks can lead to exposure across the organisation’s whole network before a full-scale data breach ensues.

Five remote work security & usability challenges

These are some of the top challenges facing our customers and UK firms in general.

Connecting to an office network
  • Potential company network exposure (if connecting unknowingly with a compromised device).
  • Connectivity and speed challenges taking a toll on productivity.
Device security challenges
  • Outdated device’s operating system (OS) version is more prone to known and exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Jailbroken or compromised devices.
Network security challenges
  • Lack of visibility into who’s accessing what set of resources, using which devices from where and how long.
  • Compromised devices can “teleport” to the network. Lack of remediation steps upon failed access. Challenges supporting multi-cloud connection to access resources.
Phishing and other cyber threats
  • Aims to steal personal data, work or financial account credentials, or any other valuable data.
  • It appears to be sent from a reliable source and usually contains malicious links or attachments.
  • This leads to clicking on links that steal accounts credentials or installing fraudulent software.
VPN challenges
  • VPNs are struggling to meet the demands of remote and hybrid working. They:
  • Do not enforce corporate device security and compliance requirements.
  • Expose company network by providing access not only to an intended resource but to the entire company network.
  • Do not support role-based access.
  • Don’t protect from web-based attacks such as credential theft, phishing, drive-by downloads, or malvertising.
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