At present, approximately 160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone and around 70% of these could be re-used. No matter the number, the percentage of e-waste that end up in landfill is too great – a huge amount of the e-waste is shipped to South America, Africa, China and India despite laws in place to forbid this.

In developing countries, local e-waste ‘pickers’ (often children) are exposed to harmful toxins on e-waste sites, causing death in some cases, while the long-term damage to local populations and the environment is still unknown.

The need for laptops and technology is clear. But it is not sustainable to continue throwing away perfectly functional laptops simply because it is a few years old and the warranty has run out.

Sustainable IT, also known as Green IT, covers the manufacturing, use, management and disposal of information technology in a way that minimises its impact on the environment.

Our partners Circular Computing provide e a sustainable alternative to buying brand new devices. They save money, reduce carbon, and help the earth.

Here are some of the key benefits of sustainable laptops:

  • Enterprise-grade performance laptops from HP, Dell & Lenovo meets the needs of most office users. Elitebook, Thinkpad & Latitudes with standard specs of Ci5 8/256/14/W10P.
  • A premium user experience equivalent to new. Each laptop is remanufactured & compliant (to ISO8887) which guarantees quality, performance, and consistency.
  • Significant savings on the cost of new devices.
  • Backed by 1-3 year warranty options.
  • Each laptop is certified carbon neutral and you can claim 316kgs of CO2 avoided in your Scope 3 CSR report.
  • In addition, 5 x Trees are planted in India or Africa for every laptop purchased, helping people and making earth cooler.
  • Aligns with your corporate values. Sustainability, social value ambitions and business needs are met when purchasing carbon neutral remanufactured laptops.

Want to learn more?

As Circular Computing Partners, Complete IT Systems have a team of specialists on hand to demo the solution. We can discuss business benefits, provide demonstration models, and offer special monthly pricing.

To get in touch or request a demo please contact us.