The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is continuously developing ways to make procurement simpler for central government, local government and other public sector organisations.

One of those ways is the Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS 2) framework. Whether you’re familiar with the framework or not, there are some advantages you might not have realised.

10 ways the framework benefit buyers

  • A comprehensive range of technology products and services to fit a variety of purchase models and business needs.
  • Simplifies the buyer experience, especially for SaaS requirements.
  • 3 ways to buy: Further competition, direct award and catalogue
  • Sector-specific lots and suppliers.
  • Helps drive sustainability through end-to-end services for the lifecycle of technology products by working to the buy, upgrade, maintain and recycle principle.
  • No maximum call-off term.
  • Supply chain assurance through the CCS electronics watch affiliation which gives better transparency data regarding supply chain violations for modern slavery and rights infringement.
  • A variety of ways for you to get goods and services such as the leasing of goods, consumption models and as a service models, with guidance and support templates to support ease of use.
  • Social Value: Suppliers in compliance with the the Procurement Policy Note 06/20: ‘taking account of social value in the award of central government contracts’.
  • Carbon Reduction: Suppliers for this agreement have committed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: ‘Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts’ as required. Our Carbon Reduction Plan can be found on this link as part of our Green Pledge.

And like a fine wine….

Since TePAS 2 was launched, the following improvements have also been made.

  • Expanded scope to encompass the full market offering to further improve upon our “one stop shop” framework strategy.
  • Sector-specific lots for health and education.
  • The new structure allows customers to easily combine more of their technology requirements into one agreement.

Where can Complete IT Systems help?

Complete IT Systems have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) TePAS agreement covering Lot 2 (hardware), Lot 3 (software) and Lot 8 (Technology Catalogue).

We have a team of specialists on hand to discuss your requirements, demo the solutions, discuss business benefits and if necessary help you understand how the framework helps you procure. To get in touch please contact us.

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