Great technology exists in many companies. But in this new era of remote working and home working, users must be equipped with the cybersecurity skills to use it confidently. The right cybersecurity training delivers that, and also increases security awareness amongst your employees, boosts morale and contributes to a better work culture.

Just like other training, learning cybersecurity skills is less effective if courses are old-fashioned, lengthy, technical and uninspiring. Security awareness training should be continuous, with a clear programme structure, and smaller step-by-step lessons that stimulate the necessary behavior and motivate your employees to detect and report real attacks.

Giving your employees the freedom to perform will have widespread benefits for your business – well-trained employees safeguard your company by reducing security incidents, improving uptime and efficiency across your organisation. It can also serve to reduce shadow IT, and inspire efficient working practices, file sharing and collaborative methods.

How Kaspersky ASAP breaks down barriers

Unlike ‘ordinary’ training content, Kaspersky ASAP is built around over 20 years of experience and a specialist skillset in security.

Kaspersky know precisely which skills users should develop in order to behave safely and safeguard your business; and these topics are built directly into training content, divided by topics and levels. It makes training comprehensive, yet engaging for learners of all levels.

This overcomes a number of important training barriers. Read on to find out how.

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