We recently ran an event in Glasgow where we looked at the challenge Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) present to DPOs and IT teams to access information promptly and efficiently.

During the session, Cryoserver outlined how their solutions act like a black box recorder on a flight in terms of enabling access to data whether for a DSAR or other data access requirement. With enterprise data becoming harder to manage than ever before, it’s vital to have a modern archive strategy in place for your business.

This document details how, with Cryoserver at its core, you can be confident that your email archive is compliant, every email is securely stored, and users can find the data they need in milliseconds.

Want to learn more?

Complete IT Systems have a team of Cryoserver specialists on hand to demo the solution, discuss business benefits and help you understand how the technology works for your organisation.

To get in touch or request a demo please contact us.


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