“Doing more with less” is one of those terms that has been around for years. For so long in fact, there is a risk that it stops meaning anything. In fact, a search for “doing more with less” on Google brings up 2.4 billion results.

In this article, we will put a little more meat on the bone, and use a recent survey of 501 IT decision makers by Brother UK to examine how investment in your company’s print estate can enhance productivity during these times.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have needed to look for creative ways of enhancing the productivity of existing employees rather than hiring and creating new roles. With more and more pressure on people to work from home and balance family life with work life, this is not an easy task.

The survey found that awareness of the benefits of enhancing productivity are widespread and well understood. Almost three quarters (77% to be precise) of those businesses leaders surveyed have systems in place to identify opportunities to improve and eliminate wastage. This is real life “doing more with less” in practice.

Yet this still leaves 23% of businesses that have not identified processes and systems to try to improve from within.

Improving productivity is a key focus for SMEs.

An interesting finding in the survey was that 93% of the business leaders surveyed recognised the need to improve productivity. However, what practical steps businesses are taking to improve productivity varies by company size.
82% of the companies surveyed by Brother UK with more than 500 employees monitor or measure productivity. This number reduces to 77% of the companies with less than 500 employees.

Productivity and investment in your print estate

As we know, there can be a gap between recognising and saying something, and actually doing it in practice. While Brother UK’s survey results showed that SMEs are quite clear that there are gains to be made through productivity, only 21% are focussing on making additional IT investment to address it.

Brother – designed for productivity

Legacy printers can be one of the biggest time constraints and administrative burdens for SME employees. From trying to print from slower machines to the time spent on ordering supplies and carrying out maintenance, ageing printers really can be a burden to productivity.

Read more about Brother’s cloud-based managed print services that offer benefits such as automated supplies ordering and remote maintenance.

In our next article in this series we will explore in more detail how smart leaders are investing in productivity. In the meantime, you can find out more with Brother UK’s handy guide – “Solving the SMB productivity puzzle”.

Read more about how you can boost productivity your organisation in Brother’s Guide to Improving Your Print Productivity.

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