IT professionals face significant challenges in adapting operations to new ways of working. Sara Diggle, Head of SMB print business unit at Brother UK recently spoke to technology experts from KPMG, Moneypenny, Weightmans, and Alliance Manchester Business School to produce a comprehensive report about where resilience priorities should lie.

Building resilient businesses in the post-pandemic economy

The magnitude and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic placed unforeseen pressures on even the most robust business continuity plans in organisations operating in every sector, from retail to professional services.

The economic and social repercussions have driven systemic changes in every business model, demanding leaders to inject greater flexibility and new resources to ensure they can respond quickly. From delivering reliable and secure remote working options to changing product offerings and shifting sales channels online, adaptability has continued to be a key factor for those organisations that have responded most effectively over the last 12 months.

And, technology has played an essential role in their success.

Overnight, the first lockdown forced the hands of many technologies and IT decision-makers, compelling them to rapidly adopt and integrate new solutions or face grinding to a halt. Many organisations shoehorned several years of digital transformation into just a few months, from rapidly scaling up cloud systems and rolling out new-generation hardware, to driving app development and introducing new security architecture.

But despite a return to normality being within society’s grasp, we can’t press pause. This renewed focus on resilience, enabled by technology, will not be a temporary shift. According to IDC, the market intelligence firm, enterprises that are focused on resiliency will be able to react to disruption 50% faster than rivals in the future.

2020 showed us that technology has a key role to play in making businesses more robust in the face of disruption, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly pivot to new ways of working.

To understand its importance, Brother UK recruited an expert panel of IT decision-makers, academics, and advisors to look at how firms are introducing new technology to build business resilience. Those businesses with robustness and agility will be best placed to survive both short-term shocks and longer periods of uncertainty.

The report helps in highlighting the role technology must play and help IT decision-makers with the choices they make in enabling their organisations to become more resilient.

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