The manner in which modern cyber threats are developing in sophistication has rendered traditional signature-based defense mechanisms inadequate. Conversely, in-depth defense techniques like sandboxing are expensive and come with performance overheads. At a time when IT departments are facing untold pressures on budgets, this can make it unfeasible.

A layered approach

Comprehensive, reliable protection against attacks like ransomware and advanced persistent threats require a layered approach with progressively sophisticated defense techniques that balance accurate threat detection with fast response times.

A modern security architecture should provide protection from all threats across all the threat vectors and across multiple deployment surfaces like physical and virtual infrastructures, SaaS services, and public cloud platforms.

Common Internet Threats

Sandbox analysis is the best way to stop unknown advanced threats. But on-premises sandboxing uses a lot of compute cycles, and that can cause latency—especially when it’s paired with an SD-WAN architecture.

What’s the solution?

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP) is a cloud-based service that provides in-depth defense against ransomware, malware, and advanced cyber attacks. It consists of multiple layers of detection, including signature, static, behavioral analysis—all the way to comprehensive sandboxing to provide accurate detection of a variety of polymorphic attacks.

This cloud-based service has been integrated with all Barracuda security solutions, protecting specific threat vectors—like web, users, network, email, and applications—across any deployment surface. BATP is automatically connected to a global threat intelligence network that gathers threat data from diverse sources around the world, providing real-time protection across all threat vectors.

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP)

Watch this quick, informative video to see how Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection does all the heavy lifting in the cloud to eliminate latency. Plus, understand how it minimises the amount of data to be sandboxed with its sequential, multi-layered analytic structure.

Want to learn more?

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