At Complete IT Systems, we’re all about making life easier for our customers. 

We are pleased to announce that Complete IT Systems has been recognised as a supplier on the newly released Technology Procurement and Associated Services (TePAS 2) framework. So what is TePAS 2, and more importantly, how does it help you?

A short introduction to TePAS 2

The TePAS 2 framework has been designed by the Crown Commercial Service to streamline purchasing for the public sector, making it easy to procure hardware, software and services on a single agreement.

In short, it enables all UK public sector organisations can access technology hardware, software and services including end user devices, servers, storage, infrastructure devices, software licences and accessories. It’s broken down into eight lots, and we can assist you with the following:

How can Complete IT Systems help?

At Complete IT Systems, we’ve been recognised as a supplier on the TePAS 2 framework. This means we can provide you with smooth purchasing for products such as Lenovo, HPE, Microsoft, Dell, and various software solutions.

In addition, we can also provide our own services to help you get the most from your investments and ensure your organisation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Want to learn more?

Complete IT Systems have a team of specialists on hand to discuss your requirements, demo the solutions, discuss business benefits and if necessary help you understand how the framework helps you procure.

To get in touch please contact us.

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