A significant shift is underway that is changing the way applications are deployed – it’s known as inference. This article explores the concept, and how to prepare.

According to DataCamp, Machine learning inference is crucial because it allows the model to be used for real-world use cases such as predictions, classifications, or recommendations. In other words, inference is how AI models decipher information or put in even more simple terms, it makes data usable.

How is inference changing things?

The emergence of highly sophisticated inference applications is reshaping the market landscape. These advancements necessitate finely tuned platforms supported by intricate distribution systems. With careful architectural planning, businesses can achieve remarkable leaps in efficiency, yielding undeniable long-term economic advantages.

To meet the demand for these mission-critical applications, we anticipate a revolutionary evolution in application delivery platforms and innovative availability frameworks. The year 2024 is poised to experience a surge in platform demands reminiscent of the late 1990s.

Undoubtedly, our world for the most part operates under the mantra of accomplishing more with fewer resources. This principle is particularly relevant in the realm of AI. Inference applications, known for their resource demands, pose a significant challenge for businesses striving to remain competitive amidst the necessity for costly and expansive systems.

Presently, managing AI processes and applications relies on specialised operators, intricate networking setups, demanding co-computing requirements, and sophisticated storage solutions. The application and data delivery landscape is changing – are you ready for it?

So what’s not to love?

That’s the good news. Needless to say with opportunity comes threat, and cyber criminals are also getting in on the act. This year will see new and undiscovered attack vectors leveraging the intelligence and power of AI. Find out more – and how to solve it – in this article from Tintri.

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