Brother UK recently conducted a survey of 501 IT leaders at UK SMEs. With many workers furloughed and hiring frozen, productivity has never been more important. In a series of articles this autumn, we are using the findings of the survey to help our customers to improve their productivity in any way we can.

Our previous article looked at some ways IT leaders are working to solve the productivity puzzle. In this penultimate article of the series, we look at the barriers to productivity, and how they can be overcome with the help of the right technology.

Versatility has been the key to navigating 2020

Let’s just say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year, certainly in our generation. The versatility that businesses and employees have shown has been incredible, with the speed and scale of adjustment surpassing anything any of us have seen before.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for all businesses.

Many firms were willing and able to move quickly to adapt to what has become the ‘new normal’, and have maintained and in many cases even grown business during this time. Unfortunately, many other businesses have been held back by clinging to old-fashioned processes, legacy IT infrastructure, failure to embrace new ways of working, and a lack of skills and collaboration.

What barriers to productivity are your firm facing?

The 501 IT leaders surveyed by Brother UK also went into more detail about the barriers to productivity their firms are facing. These findings are also typical across many of Complete IT’s customers and new prospects that have contacted us in recent months.

The biggest barriers are the ongoing presence of legacy working practices such as excessive meetings (34%), and a lack of the right IT infrastructure or equipment (29%). Lack of training and development to update skills (26%) also featured highly – this is something we are also addressing in another series of blogs covering user cybersecurity awareness.

In our next article in this series we will look in more detail at how technology can improve productivity.

If you would like to find out more in the meantime or discuss the ways you can harness IT to boost productivity in an affordable way, we can schedule a call to do just that!

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