The need for securing applications hits the headlines every day. New cybersecurity breaches, ransom attacks and hackers breaching organisations’ critical systems are all commonplace. Applications are a common weakness that malicious actors exploit to gain access into IT infrastructure, and access sensitive data.

Protecting against attacks

To successfully protect against attacks, IT professionals need to be on top of recent data breaches, the main application security vulnerabilities, and how other businesses are dealing with them. They also need to understand the most important product capabilities needed to defend against multi-vector application attacks. From there, plans can be formulated for securing applications and protecting against those top threats.

As part of its recent report entitled “The state of application security in 2021”,  Barracuda Networks surveyed a group of IT professionals worldwide to find out their challenges, opinions, and priorities associated with application security and compiled the results into an insightful market report.

In this insightful webinar, an expert team from Barracuda and Christian Jackson, Platform Manager at the Natural History Museum discuss the report and delve further into its findings.

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