We know full well that IT budgets are under pressure, and whether it’s storage, networking, hardware, file sharing or security, there’s always something demanding the IT department’s attention – and cash.

To try to help in this never-ending juggling of budgetary priorities, we thought it would be useful to share Kaspersky Lab’s IT security calculator, which enables you to view the average budgets your industry peers spend on IT security by region, industry, and size. You can also see what security measures they take, the major threat vectors they encounter, how much money they lose as a result, and what you can do to avoid being compromised. The Calculator has been created as an adjustable tool. The data presented can be updated and/or added to over time based on insights from customers and Kaspersky Lab.

The tool is obviously very high level, but nevertheless we thought it provides some insight and recommendations into how your security investment compares with other organisations, and takes only a few minutes to use.

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