Recent research conducted by Brother UK asked IT leaders at 501 British businesses how they were working to improve productivity in the workplace given the current restrictions and the overall coronavirus pandemic.

This article provides a summary of those findings, and hopefully provide some value to your IT strategy and how you view technology investment as part of that.

Where does productivity rank as a priority?

93% of the business leaders named productivity as one of their key focuses. Productivity is such an important part of remote working, it was somewhat surprising to find that months into the pandemic, 23% of businesses have not yet identified any systems and opportunities to improve their overall efficiency.

5 pieces of the productivity puzzle

42% of the businesses who were questioned said that increasing turnover is the top priority of increasing productivity.

50% said that they wanted to make their employees happier using productivity. If companies and enterprises wanted to do this, they could provide their employees with technology and devices to help them connect with customers through video calling and messages/emails.

Another 50% of businesses said that they wanted a better work/life balance. They mean that they want to be more productive in their work hours and get more things finished, and have more free time without having to do any work (because they get more things done in their work hours, thanks to productivity.)

56% of the businesses said that they wanted to save money using productivity. This means that they wish to save their funds by improving their methods in working. They can also change their system for dynamic and energetic working for their employees.

59% of the businesses said that they wanted to increase their profit level. They mean that they want their profit to enlarge using productivity. They can do this by helping their employees to connect with customers.

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In our next article in this series we will explore how to overcome the barriers to productivity. In the meantime, you can find out more with in this short video from Brother.


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