We recently asked around 3,000 of our customers and prospects to tell us about some of their biggest endpoint security concerns. Specifically, we wanted to know how secure these IT professionals felt about the data on their users’ endpoint devices.

Most organisations indicated they were using some kind of endpoint backup provider. However, this did not stop them from expressing concerns, and in many cases indicating their intention to look for a more complete data protection solution at the device level.

Cybersecurity and compliance

The main pain point the respondents identified was the threat of compliance issues, fines, or threats to their business’ reputation from security incidents.

Other recurring themes in respondents answers were:

  • Inability to deal with the latest evasive threats
  • Limited visibility into what’s happening on my endpoints

Most of our respondents indicated that they did not lack the specialist technical skills or capacity needed to deal with escalated threats within their teams. Instead, the concerns were focused on the ability of endpoint providers to stay ahead of threats, and having the visibility to deal with them.

The right cybersecurity tools

Our survey results indicate that SMBs and mid-size enterprises in the UK know they are at risk from new, unknown, and evasive threats such as unknown malware, ransomware, financial, and other spyware that can bypass automated security barriers. Having best-in-class tools in place to quickly identify, analyse, and respond to known, unknown, and evasive threats – all without straining your limited time and resource – is vital.

Your business can maximise its levels of cybersecurity preparedness with Kaspersky Optimum Security.

Find out more

If you would like to speak with a member of the team with further questions about user cybersecurity awareness or Kaspersky’s solutions in the meantime, please call your account manager or 01274 396 213 and we will be able to help you.


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