How many IT professionals get to pull a rabbit out of a hat by suddenly making your company’s top VDI issues vanish!

This video from Tintri helps you get ready to astound your team when you learn how to:

  • Wave your magic wand and pinpoint where latency is coming from, making your bottlenecks disappear.
  • Saw your environment’s complexity in half to deliver a consistent user experience.
  • Make quarters appear from behind the ears of your finance team, as they marvel at the cost savings.

The “magic” of running VDI on a Tintri VMstore is per workload isolation and the use of AI/ML to automatically tune each workload. Once you master that trick, you’ll be free to practice other ways to wow your colleagues. Let the VDI show begin!

Want to find out more?

As a Tintri Partner, Complete IT Systems can offer you expert advice on the solutions and how they could be effectively deployed in your business.

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