Zero trust is an architectural approach where inherent trust in the network is removed. This means network is assumed hostile and each request is verified based on an access policy. It is a multi-layered approach to fending off modern cybersecurity threats. The National Cyber Security Centre provides a comprehensive Introduction to Zero Trust.

Now that remote work is the rule rather than the exception, it’s time to protect your assets and resources using modern Zero Trust protocols and solutions.

Implementing your Zero Trust strategy

Implementing a Zero Trust Network Access strategy is not overly complex or difficult. The key is to follow best practices and avoid the pitfalls that can leave digital resources exposed to threat actors.

Get the info you need to make it happen. Watch this on-demand webinar from Forrester to see what the experts from Forrester Research are saying about Zero Trust. The webinar summarises, unpacks, and presents the key findings in the report.

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