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Tag: firewall

What is Zero Trust, and how to build your roadmap

Zero trust is an architectural approach where inherent trust in the network is removed. This means network is assumed hostile and each request is verified based on an access policy.
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Unleash your network’s full potential with secure SD-WAN

UK organisations are moving workloads to the cloud. And suddenly, backhauling traffic through a central datacentre or uplink slows you down, and robs you of some of your cloud migration’s
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Live Demo Session: Barracuda CloudGen Firewall | Recording

In these times when remote working and the safety of office networks are no longer the default for many companies and organisations, a rethink of perimeter security is required. Barracuda
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Driving Ferrari’s true cybersecurity

Connect, detect, protect. When you’re one of the world’s most iconic brands, driven by the most successful team in Formula 1 history and people’s safety depends on the accuracy and
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