To keep  apps from exposing your organisation to cyber attacks, Heimdal updates them automatically. This blocks 85% of attack angles and makes updates hassle-free!

To ensure that malware doesn’t infect devices in the first place, Heimdal scans all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. When it spots a connection to a malicious website or server, it blocks it. This way, malware can’t reach your systems and damage them. Traffic filtering also blocks malware from collecting your data and transferring it to cyber criminal infrastructure.

Heimdal does all this and more in a split second! All due to its intelligence and predictive abilities. Find out more in this short video

Want to learn more?

Complete IT Systems are highly skilled in Heimdal’s solutions. We can offer free trials, or tailored demonstrations of the solution. We can also discuss business benefits and help you understand how the technology would work for your organisation.

To get in touch or request a demo please contact us.


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