In response to the challenges faced by businesses looking to provide measures to protect their staff from the spread of airborne viruses, protective screens are a great way of securing your staff but getting them back to work in a productive manner.

The protective glass screens are an ideal solution to enable employees to social distance in the office, and other workplace environments.The glass is high enough to give protection but not too high to make employees feel cut off and isolated. The screens also reduce unwanted office noise as the material has sound-reducing properties. Glass also has the benefit of being easier to clean and resistant to scratches ensuring longevity. The screens can be manufactured to any size and can be made using toughened or laminated glass. The screens can include privacy bands and incorporate company branding such as logos. Fastenings for the screens are also included.

*Screens are made to order and can be bespoke to your exact requirements*.

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Complete IT Systems can offer you expert advice on various PPE solutions and how they could be effectively deployed in your business.

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Help during the COVID-19 crisis

The expert team at Complete IT Systems are publishing a series of guidance and tips to help you and your business through this situation. This covers all aspects of quickly providing safe, comfortable and efficient home offices for your users, including data security, collaboration tools, laptops, desktops, print and consumables, support for critical IT tasks, and more. Click here for our central COVID-19 resource hub.


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