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The Kaspersky Cloud and how it benefits your business

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud couldn’t be easier to manage. It’s the most effortless – and powerful – way for busy IT pioneers to guarantee exceptional future-ready protection without sacrificing IT resources, time or budget. It delivers exceptional future-ready protection that couldn’t be easier to manage.

Bursting with next generation technologies, it’s perfect for the era of cloud, remote working and BYOD – eliminating risks and safeguarding your cloud investments for a secure, profitable, and exciting future.

In our next article, we look more in-depth at the features of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, but for now we focus on the cloud and what it can do for your business.

The power of the cloud

The cloud is a powerful tool, so long as you know how to control it. With NEW Cloud Discovery technology, you can uncover and block unauthorised cloud use automatically.

Instantly stop the spread of malicious software, phishing, ransomware, spam and business email compromise (BEC), and enjoy automatically updated protection from Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 – included as standard.

Advance, discover, explore, with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud – the easiest way to protect your business, without sacrificing your IT resources, time or budget.

How to get started – 2 FREE licenses and try it FREE for 6 months!

With two free mobile licenses per user, you’ll get a solid umbrella cyber defence for your organisation that follows your employees everywhere, and you can even enforce security policies remotely. Meanwhile, NEW Cloud Discovery takes the headache out of controlling their cloud use, uncovering and blocking unauthorized cloud use automatically.

To support remote working in this challenging time, we’re also offering 6 months’ FREE protection with the very latest version of Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365.

This extends protection for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, securing all collaboration and messaging channels within Microsoft Office 365.

Sign up NOW for a FREE 6-month license and take protecting remote workers and business data off your to-do list.

Want to find out more?

As Kaspersky Gold Partners, Complete IT Systems can offer you expert advice on the solutions and how they could be effectively deployed in your business.

To find out more please call us on 01274 396 213 or use our contact form and we’ll arrange a good time to call you back.


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