Many teams are having to quickly adjust to remote working, and if it’s not something they have done before it can take a bit of getting used to – especially the social side of work.

To this end, we’ve put these short tips together to share with your users if you’ve rolled out a new collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams. This will help them replace the social and interactive elements of office life as best they can during the current crisis.

  1. Start the day with a “stand up meeting” – greet one another with videos on just as you would in a physical office. It gets everyone started for the day and you can chat about your evening
  2. Coffee breaks – get together mid-morning and mid-afternoon to chat and enjoy tea or coffee together as a team
  3. Randomly ping colleagues at various points during the day
  4. “Ask me anything” (within reason!) brainstorming sessions with managers and sub-teams
  5. Friday after work – enjoy a drink together online after you finish work on a Friday

In some ways, all of these actions could actually make teams more sociable than in an office!

Adjusting to homeworking during the COVID19 crisis

Over the coming days and weeks the expert team at Complete IT Systems are publishing a series of guidance and tips to help you and your business through this situation. This will cover all aspects of quickly providing safe, comfortable and efficient home offices for your users, including data security, collaboration tools, laptops, desktops, print and consumables, support for critical IT tasks, and more.

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