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Tag: Covid-19

Returning to the office: Technology and security in a time of transition

Many employees have worked remotely for months as a result of the global pandemic (and many still continue to do so). During that time, businesses and public sector organisations established
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5 tips for effective remote working with Microsoft Teams

Many teams are having to quickly adjust to remote working, and if it’s not something they have done before it can take a bit of getting used to – especially
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Remote working that doesn’t feel remote

In the era of accidental homeworking, it’s vital to give your users the tools to enable them to remain productive, creative and efficient from remote locations – the trick is
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Get set for virtual meetings with the right headset for homeworking

In these times when your teams will likely be spending a lot of time on calls and virtual meetings, it’s important to give them the right tools for the job.
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COVID-19 homeworking for business: Quick guide

With the government publishing its coronavirus action plan earlier in March, and the more stringent measures that have come in since to enforce COVID-19 homeworking where possible, it’s quickly become
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Printers & consumables for home workers during the COVID-19 crisis

Whether you’re looking for a quick solution for printers for homeworking during COVID-19 crisis, or you’re looking to deploy a more strategic print refresh, Complete IT Systems provide full range
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Enable remote work while securing data during the COVID-19 pandemic

During this crisis, many office-based employees have become remote workers, and especially so now that confinement restrictions are in place across the UK. As well as bringing up challenges for
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Extended IT Support Cover

Are you having issues around support & deployment during the Covid-19 crisis? If you have new users working from home or remote locations to contend with, engineers off sick or
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