Glasgow Office Marks new phase in National Growth Strategy.

We are excited to announce the opening of our new Glasgow office.
This new office has been set up as part of our continued expansion to allow us to recruit the best experts in our chosen fields and better serve the business community across the UK.

Initially the office will be manned by three full time members of the CIT team from Glasgow itself and on a flexible basis by members of the national team including resources from the Bradford head office.

Sales Director Ben Gregg has wanted to open an office in Scotland for some time. “An office in Scotland is a logical expansion to serve the UK as a whole better.

It has been a long time in the planning stage as it was important to get the right team in place. Now we have the right team and we are going to replicate what we have achieved in Bradford.” he said.

Ben has also been asked many times why Scotland in particular? “Many IT resellers concentrate on the south of England but Scotland is a vibrant business community and needs our expertise and services in just the same way.

This will be a major part of our growth as having a team there gives us local knowledge and understanding. A significant part of the choice of where we expand has been about where were able to recruit the talent we need to make a regional office a success and the thriving city of Glasgow has a lot to offer” he explains.

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