During this crisis, many office-based employees have had to become remote workers almost overnight and especially so now that confinement restrictions are in place across the UK. Let’s call them accidental homeworkers – and in a similar way to accidental landlords, COVID-19 homeworking comes with pros and cons!

As well as bringing up challenges for users such as how to juggle children, meals, and work and home life, remote working brings new challenges such as security risks and productivity challenges for IT departments. And apparently, just because there’s a global health crisis in operation, cyber criminals are still as ruthless as ever, as proven by a number of hospitals in Paris being recently hit by a DDoS attack.

The expert team at Complete IT Systems are publishing a series of guidance and tips to help you and your business through this situation. This will cover all aspects of quickly providing safe, comfortable and efficient home offices for your users, including data security, collaboration tools, laptops, desktops, print and consumables, support for critical IT tasks, and more.

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