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Ransomware in numbers for UK SMBs

With the recent spate of ransomware attacks in the UK proving that the threat hasn’t subsided, it is likely a good time to re-think your company’s IT security plan. To
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What do eBay, Uber, LinkedIn and Superdrug all have in common? 🔒 🚩

Spoiler warning – they have all experienced cyber attacks in recent years. British Airways and Marriott International are the latest organisations to have made unwanted headlines this week with a
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Make sure your emails don’t let you down

With cybercrime on the rise and more and more employees and contractors working “on the go”, it’s more important than ever to have the right email security in place for
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Chocolate bars or ransomware attack?

According to new research by Sophos, a whopping 54% of organisations were hit by ransomware last year, and on average companies reported two attacks. Within the companies that do get
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Live Webinar: Datto Intelligent Business Continuity Demo (28th June 2017)

Wednesday 28th June @ 11:00 BST In these uncertain times of ransomware attacks and broader cyber security threats, your business can achieve data backup, recovery and business continuity for local,
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