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What business data is backed up by Datto SaaS Protection?

Knowing your Office 365 data is backed up by reliable, cloud-to-cloud backup infrastructure, provides you with more time and budget to grow your business. So what exactly does Datto SaaS
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Ensure your Office 365 data is secured and quickly recoverable

Modern business data is more than just data – it’s your business. And while it may be tempting to think that it’s safe in cloud applications, relying on cloud storage
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What is the #1 cause of data loss in the cloud?

Did you know the #1 cause of data loss in the cloud is human error? While cloud-based applications like Office 365 are robust and sophisticated, they cannot protect your data
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Returning to the office: Technology and security in a time of transition

Many employees have worked remotely for months as a result of the global pandemic (and many still continue to do so). During that time, businesses and public sector organisations established
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Reopening the workplace after COVID-19: A checklist for businesses

As the UK and other countries and cities start to ease lockdown restrictions, this handy checklist for reopening business workplaces can help you jumpstart safe and efficient returns to work,
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Ransomware in numbers for UK SMBs

With the recent spate of ransomware attacks in the UK proving that the threat hasn’t subsided, it is likely a good time to re-think your company’s IT security plan. To
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Live Webinar: Datto Intelligent Business Continuity Demo (28th June 2017)

Wednesday 28th June @ 11:00 BST In these uncertain times of ransomware attacks and broader cyber security threats, your business can achieve data backup, recovery and business continuity for local,
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